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True Queen Fashion Update

Posted by on | | 1 comments

True Queen Fashion Update

Did You Say…A Black Wedding Dress?

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 05:16 AM PST

Yup. Pretty sure I did say a black wedding dress …does everyone but me find this completely out of the question?

I know a lot of you may probably be thinking..”That’s so goth…” or “What are you Tim Burton’s Wife”…well the last one is what Jarratt seems to think. But no, being a goth is not a factor because I’m not one and no, my love for the genius that is Tim Burton has nothing to do with it either. At least not totally…

I do not claim to be his wife or want to but I do think the idea of a black dress is very appealing to me for several reasons.

1. I’ve never really wanted a traditional dress…besides I like the element of surprise.

2. I think the photography would turn out incredible…yes a little nightmare before christmasy, but hey its dramatic.

3. Who wants to look like everyone else anyway.

4. Yolo. Enough said!

A black gown would make striking impact especially when contrasted to a traditionally styled theme. Walking into a wedding wearing a gown even remotely as beautiful as any one of these Vera Wang dresses from her fall 2012 collection would definitely catapult your style cred from novice to countess. The key however lies in the selection of accent colours and  decor. If I play my cards right there might be hope in convincing Jarratt that a black dress is completely doable. Wish me luck!

See more black dresses after the jump

Would you consider a black or any color besides white for your wedding?


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Images via Pintrest, Vera Wang